Every successful international company needs managers who can adapt easily to different environments and can effectively lead employees and teams all over the world. You should be one of them.

In a globalised world of work, trust, authenticity and high-quality relationships are essential for successful collaboration. These are the cornerstones that make it possible to manage teams, projects and organisations across cultural barriers and national borders and to use differences as strengths. My task as a mentor for cross-cultural leadership is to make precisely this possible for you and to accompany you on your path.

& teamwork
are based
on trust.

The 3 stages of your intercultural transformation


What specific requirements does your team have?

Every employee has different requirements and skills. Even culturally homogeneous teams therefore require the use of different management styles and approaches. This aspect is increased by different origins and associated diverging rules, expectations and codes. Furthermore, the formation of a strong team spirit is hampered by geographically dispersed locations and a reduction to predominantly virtual collaboration. Sounding out and understanding these basics is the first step towards good management.


What is required for effective collaboration?

As in all areas of life, trust is the basis for any good cooperation in a professional context too. Trust in turn is based on integrity, transparency, respect and inclusivity. The development of strong relationships, characterised by appreciation and mutual understanding, is pivotal to all efforts. The goal is therefore to encourage practices and to implement strategies that lead to a culture of trust. That is the key for really good and close interaction that overcomes cultural barriers on the one hand and geographical separation on the other.


How can differences be used as strengths?

However, it does not end with creating awareness and establishing a basis for trust. Ultimately, teams that see new members as an opportunity are particularly effective and capable. Under competent and circumspect management, different perspectives supplement one another and join together to then develop their huge potential for the decisive benefit of companies. In a really well harmonised team, under experienced leadership, differences are a benefit and not in any way an obstacle.

Oliver Parfi,
Intercultural Management
and Leadership

My Vision

I not only support managers in overcoming geographical distances, I also help them in particular to recognise cultural differences and the potential obstacles that can result from them. I show you how you can adapt to them and work with them in order to ultimately even use such “hurdles” as strengths.

At the same time, you should by all means retain your own personality, remain authentic and stay true to the ideas and convictions that you consider to be non-negotiable and that you feel committed to. I would like to help you make the most of your potential.

Irrespective of whom you work with, good leaders and managers can manage any team with the right approach.

About my

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by foreign cultures, their representatives and their history and I felt drawn by the big, wide world early on – I learned languages, discovered foreign countries and met people from all over the world. What’s more, I have always been driven by the idea of helping people to fulfil their potential. This ultimately not only defined my academic career but I was also privileged to make my great passions my career and to take an international path within the framework of various stays abroad and professional responsibilities. The results of this to date are a large number of projects on every continent, the development of worldwide organisational structures as well as several global mergers, integrations and expansions.

Today, as the SVP Global Data Operations at a US-managed sports data and technology company, I am responsible for around 1,700 employees in our global subsidiaries and another 2,200 remote employees in 120 countries. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of managers with intercultural skills. That is why I am now using my experience and enthusiasm to help precisely those leaders and managers from diverse sectors to overcome distances and cultural barriers and the obstacles that these entail.


  • Degree in Romance studies and history
  • Certified trainer
  • Leadership programmes in Austria and abroad
  • 5 languages (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES)
  • Diploma in human resources management
  • Project management & change management


I do not teach you the perfect approach to management – because there is no such thing. Instead, I show you proven and tried-and-tested procedures, tools and methods for working with and managing employees and teams around the world. Firstly, of course, the focus is on cultural traits. Secondly, your own principles and maxims as well as your personal style of management are also incorporated.

Are you therefore looking for a mentor or workshop in order to successfully master the intercultural challenges or collaboration with physically separated, hybrid teams? Then I would be delighted to work together with you on solutions – so that you can effectively manage your employees who are scattered all over the world and you can handle your international projects efficiently.

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The services that I offer


Individual or group mentoring
Online or on site

Within the framework of personal mentoring and coaching on your professional problems, I accompany you in the handling of projects in the intercultural context and in the management of culturally heterogeneous, hybrid teams scattered across the world.

Particularly at the start of my professional career, I found it a veritable Herculean task to develop and lead international teams. Here, I would have liked somebody with many years of experience to have been at my side with knowledge, understanding and trust. It is precisely this role that I would like to adopt for you.

Based on your individual situation, I directly address the challenges and the potential for improvement. Together, we thus examine central topics of cross-cultural leadership and find solutions that match your personality and your style of management. I take the time to advise you in a very personal way and to accompany you until your questions have been answered and your problems addressed.


Individual or group workshops
Online or on site
For either one or two days

In my workshops I teach an awareness for management and collaboration in a globalised world of work. You develop an understanding for how cultural differences influence this collaboration in order to recognise, prevent and solve potential situations of conflict. During the discussion and analysis of your specific case studies, we develop efficient strategies for action.

I would like to make it possible for you and your team to tap into your full potential by showing you techniques and giving you tools that are directly applicable to your situation. The workshops are deliberately structured in an interactive way so that you learn at first hand how you can develop trust across cultural barriers. We create a guide for you that helps you to shape work processes more efficiently and more successfully. In this way, you bind your physically separated, intercultural team closer together and motivate them to achieve top results.

In doing so, we follow a clear plan but also always leave enough space for interaction, discussion and the processing of scenarios from your everyday work.

Would you like to develop your intercultural
leadership qualities further?
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